We take home security seriously, and have partnered with some of the top brands to provide you the most innovative solutions on the market today. 

We believe in three core principles when it comes to securing your home: SAFE, SMART, and SIMPLE.

Always on Monitoring

  • Utilites go down, we can alert you when they do.
  •’s dedicated cellular connection & your system will always stay in contact
  • Our dedicated central monitoring service will keep you informed even if the lights go out, the phone goes silent, or the internet goes down.

Your System in Your Hand

  • Control your panel from your smart device
  •’s easy-to-use intuitive app design
  • Available for almost all iOS and Android devices
  • Allows you to check your system, arm or disarm your alarm remotely
  • View recent event history, and manage your devices/services easily with only a few taps of the screen

At Home Even When You're Not

  • With’s video integration you can see what’s going on at home even when you’re not
  • Integrates with multiple smart home systems including the very popular Ring doorbell cameras
  • No more missed packages or wondering who may have stopped at your home or business
  • D/E/F and provide with the awareness of who is at your door and what is going on

Your Connected Smart Home

  • With automated platforms you have more capability¬† to control your devices
  •’s smart home integration tools tie together the things that make your home comfortable including lights, door locks, thermostats, sprinklers, and even the garage door
  • Easily setup your system so it warns you if a window is open and the heat or air conditioning is running
  • Even controls outdoor devices like sprinklers and exterior lights

Past Projects

  • A.R. Builders / New Construction Apartment Buildings
  • Red Cross / Leiser Realty
  • US Naval Facilities (New England)
  • Homewood Suites / Hilton Hotels
  • Walmart Supercenter / New Construction & Renovation