We shouldn’t have to dress for the weather in our own homes. Whether a warm humid day or a chilly winter night, we should all be able to relax in comfort.

Together with LG,, and other manufacturers D/E/F is able to deliver a comfortable smart home upgrade that is affordable and will last for years to come.

With ductless mini-split technology, each room in your home can be it’s own zone and comfortable. With LG’s advances in technology, all the is often required are small insulated copper pipes back to an outdoor unit and a control wire. No intrusive ducts or complex systems to be installed means less time and money to upgrade your heating and cooling.

A new split duct system doesn’t need to be the obvious wall unit or ceiling cassette, either. LG’s new Gallery line of ductless mini-split units double as a large picture frame, allowing you to blend it with the room decor. This let’s your climate control system match your look, not force you to work around it. smart programmable thermostats link your smart home alarm system to your home climate control system. By linking an account* it is possible to program a schedule in for the thermostat, receive alerts or limit override of the temperature, automatically turn on or off the system if a window or door is left open**, have the system respond to when you’re close to home with geo-fencing, and more.

* Requires a qualifying Interactive-level or service add-on

** Requires compatible window or door contacts. 

Past Projects

  • A.R. Builders / New Construction Apartment Buildings
  • Red Cross / Leiser Realty
  • US Naval Facilities (New England)
  • Homewood Suites / Hilton Hotels
  • Walmart Supercenter / New Construction & Renovation