Your home is stuck in one place, why should you? No more running to the alarm panel to check the system or unlock it; enter your house through the doors you want, not just the one by the panel! Forget to set the alarm on the way out? Now, with the power of, your home security system installed by D/E/F Services Group can be controlled from wherever you are, regardless of where in your house you are or even if you’re home. Turn it off just as the kids get home from school while you’re at work or arm it after your forgetful spouse runs out to pick something up… all from the convenience of the smartphone you already own.

Home security, even when you’re not home. Easily check your security system status, arm the alarm, and make sure the doors are all locked. All this and you don’t even need to be home to do it. With D/E/F Services Group and the app on your phone, it’s possible.

See what’s going on at home even when you’re not there. Make sure the kids got home okay, if that package you’ve been expecting is still safe on the doorstep, or if someone you don’t know may be in your home.

SkyBell WiFi Doorbell

Never miss an important visitor or let ne’er-do-wells know you’re not home. Integration with systems such as SkyBell and Ring allows you to easily keep an eye on your front door. No more rushing to the door only to find out it was a solicitor, missing the letter carrier with an important package, or giving away whether or not you’re home. While this system is easy to install yourself, if you run into trouble the dedicated staff at D/E/F Services Group is available for a quick house call to give you a hand.

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of being able to control, monitor, and check the history of your system via any popular web browser.’s responsive and intuitive interface works on computers, tablets, and phones; no additional app install needed!

Renting or staying in a dorm? Believe it or not, your security does not depend on owning the building/home! Contact D/E/F Services Group today to learn about our various “in-a-box” kits that operate via cellular networks and can monitor your windows/doors as well as operate with various commercially available smart bulbs to enable a safe home, even when away from home.

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