More than Just Safety

It’s much more than an alarm.
It’s your home or business made safer, smarter, and more responsive for you through D/E/F Services Group and


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Always On Monitoring

People who live in New England know that sometimes the basic utilities we depend on for home and work can go down. Thanks to's dedicated cellular connection, your system will stay in contact with our dedicated central monitoring service even if the lights go out, the phone go silent, or the internet goes down.


Your System in Your Hand

Gone is having to walk to your panel or wait for a phone call to find out what is happening at your home or business.'s intuitive app, available for almost all iOS and Android devices, allows you to check your system, arm or disarm your alarm remotely, view recent event history, and manage your devices/services easy and only a few taps of the screen away.


At Home Even When You're Not

With's video integration, including with the popular Ring doorbell system, you can see what's going on at home even when you're not. No more missed packages or wondering who may have stopped at your home or business, with D/E/F and you're always aware of who is at your door and what is going on.


Your Connected Smart Home

Tired of walking into a dark and cold home after a hard day of work? Frustrated the kids left a window open and the A/C running? With's smart home integration tools, it's possible to tie together the things that make your home comfortable including lights, door locks, thermostats, sprinklers, and even the garage door! Easily setup your system so it warns you if a window is open and the heat or air conditioning is running, automatically turns on the lights at night and opens the garage door when you get in front of the house, or runs the sprinklers for you at night if it hasn't rained.

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Some Alarm.Com features may require subscription to Interactive or higher subscription tiers. Ask your sales representative or call our office for more details and to verify features are available.

Some features may require additional hardware or setup.