There are two new uncertainties in our modern lives aside from death and taxes; we depend more on utilities and the cost for them will only go up. Fortunately for everybody great strides are being taken every day to improve the efficiency of our homes. From ductless mini split systems that use a fraction of resources as traditional forms of home heating/cooling to high efficiency solar / photovoltaic panels, D/E/F Services Group can help you redefine your home’s annual utility cost.

Connecticut offers several incentive and rebate programs available to current and potential home owners of all types! There are even options available for those that rent!

Two D/E/F Services Group electricians working on a residential photovoltaic install

Why rent your own solar panels when you can own them? Connecticut’s electrical utilities offer programs to offset the cost of new solar panels which, along with state and federal tax incentives, make ownership very cost effective early on. Sure, you could lease/mortgage panels from a faceless national contractor, but then you’re paying them for your energy savings as well as allowing them to collect on your incentives! Purchasing the panels yourself leads to a much higher return on your investment faster as well as keeps your house yours, not yours topped with the property of someone else.