Part of New England’s charm are the number of classic and historic homes, as well as it’s rustic and rich heritage. However, as many home owner can tell you, that heritage does not include being able to easily control the temperature inside the homes! Unfortunately, it’s not just historic homes that have this issue as well as many homes built over the years have cut costs by using cheap baseboard systems with little regard to how the home will be kept cool or economically kept cool.

Luckily, great advances have been made with ductless mini-split systems. These systems are cost effective, simple to install (often requiring only an electrical circuit and a refrigeration line connection run between the indoor and outdoor units), and offer individual room comfort or can be ducted to serve multiple rooms. Best of all, the system mounts on the wall and outside with minimal footprint; this means less obtrusive modern equipment in an otherwise classic atmosphere for older homes and less reconfiguration/headaches for newer homes.

Happy with your current heating/cooling solution, but wish controlling it was easier or smarter? Try upgrading to the Nest or similar “smart” thermostat. These thermostats are considered “smart” devices, meaning they learn your schedule as well as how your home reacts to being heated/cooled so they can operate more efficiently. Best of all, D/E/F Services Group is able to install these thermostats, which can be tricky even on newer systems, as well as tie the thermostat to your existing or potentially new smart house system so you can control your home from your phone or couch.