Safety, Comfort, Efficiency. Your home shouldn’t dictate how your life revolves around these concepts, you should be able to define them yourself. At D/E/F Services Group, we proudly work with some of the top manufacturers of smart home products as well as home security and heating/cooling solutions to help you define what your home should do for you.

Want your garage door to open as you pull in the driveway? How about easily setup your home to change how it’s heated and cooled depending on whether you’re home or not? Need to know when the kids get home from school or if they have unexpected guests with them? We can set all of that up and more as well as make managing it all as easy as glancing at your phone!

Come explore what you can define with D/E/F Services Group’s help. We offer comprehensive security solutions to most of Connecticut and Rhode Island including Jewett City, Norwich, New London, Waterford, Groton, Warwick, Westerly, and more! Give us a call or click today for more information and a free home evaluation.

Interactive Security

Easy access, Instant Awareness, Remote Control

With dedicated wireless connectivity and patented Crash & Smash Protection our system offer seamless central station integration for all your devices as well as remote control from any smart phone, tablet, or other device with a web browser. Get real-time notifications for important events along with live video and recorded clips when things happen.

Heating and Cooling

Save. Conserve. Customize

Reduce energy usage without compromising your lifestyle. Using a smart phone, tablet, or web browser you can connect and control your thermostat from anywhere. Exert more control with customized thermostat schedules, energy-saving templates to help reduce your bill, and receive text/e-mail alerts so you know when your thermostat settings change.

Home Automation

Simple, Smart Home Solutions for Every Need

Get started with emPower Rules to automatically turn the house lights on when the system is disarmed, arm the system and lock the door at the same time, and unlock both the door and disarm the system. All this can be done and much more….

Energy Management

Experience Effortless Energy Management

Using your phone, tablet, or other smart device remotely control thermostats, lights, and small appliances with the tap of a finger or click of a mouse. Setup energy efficient schedules that interact with your security while also monitoring energy usage throughout your home by the kWh or dollar.

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